Room Mate Gifts

A little tradition of attending our Stampin’ Up! conventions, is to make your room mate a little gift!  This year I’m excited to be sharing with Chrissie, Tina and Alice!  So here’s what I made them…. These are long cylindar tins which I decorated for each of them using their favourite Designer Series Papers!  Again you can click on the pics to see them bigger:

First Tina’s, Using Bella Blue Designer Series Paper:

Next was Alice’s in Bella Rose:

And finally Chrissie’s in Raspberry Tart:

And what’s inside?…. well Chocolate of course!  🙂  I hope the girls like them!

One Response to Room Mate Gifts

  1. Alice says:

    Loved the roomy gifts, loved the company for the weekend even at 3.30am in the streets of Darling Harbour. Thanks for a great weekend.