Little Window Box Tutorial

I made a little box just before convention this year as a little pressie for some lovely friends.  I’ve been asked for a while for the instructions and FINALLY had put them together with a little Christmas box!  So here it is:











1.  Cut cardstock 21cm x 28cm.

2.  Score along 21cm side at 1.5cm, 8.4cm and 16.3cm

3.  Score along the 28cm side at 1.6cm, 8.1cm, 14.8cm, 21.3cm and 28cm. Your card should look like this.




4.  Cut along lines as per picture.  (click to make bigger) Leave the flaps with the indicated measurements.

5. Round corners with punch as per picture.




6.  Using punch, punch a window.











7.  turn over and stamp a back ground of your box.











8.  On the inside of the box, stick a piece of clear acetate over the window.










9.  Now stick your box together with sticky strip.












10.  Now decorate your box!  

I have a little bag of Lindt Christmas Chocolates in this box and decorated the box to co ordinate with them.  It wasn’t until I was finished that I realised that my “christmas” box looked more like 4th of July! LOL  Oh well. 

The stamps used for this box are from Spotlight on Christmas.



And here’s the first box that I decorated before convention.  This one using Petal Pizzazz, Build A Brad and the Curly Label Punch for the window.


And finally…Where did I get my inspiration for these boxes from originally!!!  From here:…… 


A simple little Twinings Tea box!  See anything can make a good gift box!

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  1. Dilasari says:

    Thank you very much for the tutorial. It’s beautiful and very useful for me who have long been looking for a gift wrapping idea.