More from convention…

Firstly, to answer Karen’s question…yes all that chocolate was eaten!  LOL  I really didn’t think it would be! LOL

Now just another couple of piccies from convention.  I spent most of my time talking so missed taking pics of things like memento mall (where I spent more than I’d like to admit) But I could post a million pics of all the wonderful demonstrators I got to chat to, but I won’t as we’d be here all day.   Day two was heaps of fun again!  Lots to learn and lots of inspiration!  Second day saw the awards night dinner, where we got to dress up all pretty and have a lovely three course dinner. I so enjoyed everyone at our table!  Chrissy, Me, Alice, Trish, Venessa, Leanne, Mandy & Jenny:

dinner2 day2f dinner

Then after dinner we heard all the great awards from the previous Stampin’ Up! year.  I was lucky enough to earn the Incentive Trip again this year, but NEVER for a moment, thought I’d make the top 25.  So on check in I was a little surprised to find a top 25 pin in my bag, but more so surprised, when they were announcing the top 25.  I expected to be #25, 24, 23, 22, 21…but no,  I was #11!!!  I also received a recruiting award, leadership award and sales award.  I was also thrilled that 4 of my team members also received sales awards!  So it was a very exciting night!  Here’s me, 8th from the right..


And here’s our team, who were able to attend convention (thought Laraine was naughty and ran off and missed the pic LOL) 


Now the next morning as we boarded the plane for our flight back to Brisbane, Alice, Venessa (Nessy, hehe), Trish (Trishy, hehe) and myself on the same flight, sitting together.  We are not sure why, but within 5 minutes of us all taking our seats, the air hostess (is that what they are called these days?)  gave us each a glass of Champagne!! 


 We had no idea why, as no one else on the plane got any, but gee were we pleased!  We were of course feeling a little sad the weekend was over, so what a way to end our trip!  We did get spoiled and three different staff on that flight (go Qantas) were AMAZING…….so….. what does a bunch of stampers do when they want to say thanks!!  Make a card!  Except we were up in a plane!  But we discovered that I had some ink pads and the convention stamp set “Trendy Trees”, Venessa had a little chocolate box I had made and given her and Trish had a tag off her convention award, So put those things together and…..

home2 home3 

But then I wanted to stamp another “thank you” in a different colour, but without scrap paper, and no stampin’ scrub to clean the stamp I resorted to a quick lick and a wipe on the pants, but then Alice noticed that a tongue isn’t the best stamp cleaner…


But it was all good in the end when we thanked our lovely hostess’ for the delightful flight home!


Well that’s it from me, I think I’ve made a fool of myself enough today!  I’ve spent the afternoon cleaning up my stamp room so hopefully I’ll be back soon with more creations to share with you!  We have our Annual Retreat coming up at the end of the month, followed two weeks later with the Australiasian Scrapbook Expo here in Brisbane, where we are having a stall!  So we’re in for a very busy month to come! 

Oh and I’ll be in tomorrow to let you know who wins my blog candy from the other day!!!

5 Responses to More from convention…

  1. Karen C says:

    Congrats Kim and sooooooo well deserved. Congrats to the others – WHAT A TEAM!!!!! You are all so amazing puting together a pressy and card with so little and in such a short time. All of you are winners. Love that stamp cleaner Kim.

  2. Jenny G says:

    That plane story is hilarious! I can’t believe you happened to have enough stuff on you to make a thank you gift on the plane. That is so dorky and so funny all at once! Makes me want to keep some basic stamping supplies in my handbag at all times, just in case….

  3. Kristy Young says:

    LOL thats too funny!

  4. Karen C says:

    An “Emergency Handbag Stamping Kit for all occasions” Maybe you’re onto something here Jenny and imagine it all started with someone elses “dorky” story. lol

  5. Makeesha Byl says:

    Fabulous photos Kim! A BIG Congratulations on all of your Fabulous award! You so deserve them 🙂
    Love the story of your plane ride too! I loved your presentation, and found it inspiring, so go you. Was wonderful to catch up, and I look forward to seeing you again soon at the Incentive Trip! Can’t wait! Love keesh x