Okay, so I’m willing to admit I have a bit of a problem…  I’m addicted to Chocolate and whenever I’m down the chocolate aisle at the grocery shop I like to see what chocolates may be good for eating decorating LOL  I found these last weekend and thought I’d  eat play with them!  But on Monday I decided that the PERFECT set for this project would be Enjoy Every Moment from the current Mini and of course I didn’t have that set… so I ordered it and did some product testing on the chocolate.  My stamp set arrived today!!  YAY!  So this is what I did for these (surviving) chocolates! They’re called 8 Moments and for the record they are sooooooo YUMMY!! They come in 3 varieties! (They’re all yummy)


 Here’s little gift folder:



All the chocolates are wrapped in paper from the Fall Flowers 12×12 paper pack

8 Responses to Enjoy….

  1. Kim I am starting to worry about u and that chocolate aisle!!!!!!!!!! lol…………. This is beautiful and so is the last set that you did as well.

  2. Karen Thomas says:

    Hi Kim!

    This is a lovely project – so are the others! How did you make the box thing for this one?


  3. Me too!! WOW!! I love these boxes that you are coming up with!! Are you planning on sharing this box too?? Looks like I am going to have to go stalk to chockie aisle (hee hee)

  4. Jenn says:

    I love this design!
    Im off to try it now!! AWESOME- once again!


  5. Shannon says:

    Hi Kim! I just got your little message! Your blog and web site are so beautiful–I’m bookmarking you for future inspiration. 🙂 And I put my stamping blog above, which I share w/a couple other girls. And from there you can get to my personal blog if you want to. 🙂 It’s so great to hear from you–I hope everything is going well. And I’ll have to make sure to try the 8 moments next time I am “in the area.” haha Actually I will be going to Canberra to hopefully I’ll see you there! Bye for now….

  6. Tracey H says:

    Hi Kim, just love all the chocolate boxes etc. cant wait to check the mail box tomorrow so i can join up and get everything i need to do these myself. have to tell you about a place we found on our recent trip, Gallo Dairyland, cheese and CHOCOLATE factory, just outside Atherton. if you ever get up that way you have to take the trip. the chocolate is to die for. i wish i could have brought more home.

    talk soon, Tracey H

  7. Michelle L says:

    Fabulous chocolate Kim! You just keep churning out those great ideas!! Well done! Mxx

  8. Debbie M says:

    Hi Kim

    Great work witht he new blog and all – LOVE all these choc ideas!!!! Absolutly wonderful!!! I love how you are so generous!!

    Debbie M