a href=”http://bp2.blogger.com/_-1WdnsEVMxk/RwsmxuF_jsI/AAAAAAAAAAc/W3YU9aP0EN0/s1600-h/008_1_1.JPG”img style=”float:left; margin:0 10px 10px 0;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;” src=”http://bp2.blogger.com/_-1WdnsEVMxk/RwsmxuF_jsI/AAAAAAAAAAc/W3YU9aP0EN0/s320/008_1_1.JPG” border=”0″ alt=””id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5119228037065313986″ //abr /OMG I knew I’d be hopeless in updating a blog but I just realised how long ago it was that I actually posted!LOLbr /br /Life’s gotten rather hectic, especially the last couple of weeks, we’ve entered birthday season in our family. My dad had his big 50 party last weekend! and I’ve had my two youngest DD’s turn 4 and 2, my DS turned 6 yesterday! And My eldest DD turns 8 in two weeks! We have a a big pirate party here tomorrow! (Had to be pirates so I could make invites out of my Ahoy Matey set!) br /br /I am going to TRY to be better blogger and post here regularly! So here is a card to kick that off! It’s made with the bauble from Hung Up on Holidays. It’s a great set as you can do so much with it and it’s not expensive! I’m having fun using it and will hopefully post more with it soon!br /br /The card is probably inspired from somewhere, but I can’t remember where, but I think the main concept is my own. Hope you like it!

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