Bella & Friends – Stampin’ Up!


A couple of months ago we lost our much loved Oscar.  He took off after a cat (why don’t people lock these up at night) and was hit by a car, it was one of those situations where the elements all lined up in the worst way.  While we knew how much he meant to us while he was here, it was totally compounded after he was gone.  Who would thought that a house of 2 adults and 4 children would seem too quiet?

In an attempt to “jump back on the horse” in a way, we decided to add another family member to our home, in the form of a puppy.  Oh my, what a shock!  Teddy has joined our home and we have been reminded of the joys a baby brings.  The constant attention, house training, everything goes in his mouth!  The fun…. hahaha.  What I wouldn’t give to have been able to introduce him to Oscar as well..



And so when I saw the puppy stamp set in the new catalogue I just had to buy it!  It has the cutest dog stamps I’ve seen for ages, and while I haven’t had a good play with it yet, I just love everything about the images.



Happy Stampin’!

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