Bring Back Birthdays – Stampin’ Up!

Would you like a Birthday card??


I know I’m not the only one out there who LOVES pretty paper, and I always seem to buy more and more and then avoid cutting it up as it’s just too pretty!  So I’m making the effort to use my pretty papers!!

I’ve also been following on from Shannon’s Bringing Back Birthdays campaign and making a huge effort to actually send out more birthday cards!  Why have all these fun supplies, stamps and a whole craft room if I’m not sending cards!??

So this is the card I posted recently to some of my Stampin’ Up! team members who’ve recently had birthdays… I may have been a little late for a couple, but I’m telling myself that it’s better late than not at all…. right?


So if you would like me to post you a card for your birthday, just contact me here with your birthday date and your postal address… I’d love to send you a birthday card to celebrate your special day too!!!

Happy stampin’!

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