Incentive Trip – Final part

This is going to be another long post, continuing on from my last post!  The next part of our incentive trip was the trip all the way down to Kanab, where the Stampin’ Up! Manufacturing facility is located.   This is where Home Office used to also be located, but when SU needed to move into a larger building and relocated to Salt Lake City, Shelli promised to keep the manufacturing facility in Kanab as it was a small town and Stampin’ Up! was at that stage the #1 employer in the town.

We woke at 4:30am for breakfast and to head to the Salt Lake City airport to catch a plane that Stampin’ Up! had chartered especially for this trip!  It was a one hour flight, before a 2 hour bus trip!  Although along trip, it went so quickly, as we were able to see some of the gorgeous Utah landscape.  Stampin’ Up! also kept our energy up with special treats, games and prizes!

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Our first view of the Manufacturing facility…


We were treated to a fantastic lunch, before the tour began!  Always little Stampin’ Up! touches in every event:


It was great to watch our cardstock be packaged up:


Check out the rolls of rubber!


The rubber begins it’s journey…


Into the “oven” goes the rubber, with along with metal plates and out comes this mess! haha  Hard to imagine what’s hiding underneath!


I got to try my hand at stamp making….


Look what’s inside!  Mosaic Madness!


The excess is trimmed – and you’ll see a little later where that ends up!


The rubber then gets it’s foam backing, before being die cut and onto being packaged.  Every station has amazing quality control and proceedures, that I’ve now returned home and looked at my new stamp sets with a great understanding of their journey.  It’s really amazing what goes into every stamp set that end up in our craft rooms! From design, manufacturing, packinging & shipping.

12 13 13b

The ink pads were amazing to watch being put together.  I was amazed to see how neat and tidy this station was!  I’m unable to open an ink pad without getting an inky finger!  These girls get the already inked pad into the empty container without smearing ink anywhere!


Ink refill bottles get filled with precision:


Ink pads ready to head up to Salt Lake City (or maybe Australia!)


We got some more gifts along the way!


Check out the containers of wood blocks!


After our tour we said good bye and boarded the bus for a visit to the park in Kanab.  It’s a gorgeous green oasis and the soft fall is all the excess chopped up rubber from Stampin’ Up!



It was funny to see so many adults standing around a playground looking at the ground!



 We headed back home the way we came, via bus and plane.  Stampin’ Up! had dinner waiting for us at the Salt Lake City airport.  We sure did fall into bed exhausted that night!

The following day was our final full Incentive Trip day.  We had a “free day” where we could choose how to spend it.  Warren and I headed to Park City with Bec and Matt and spent some relaxing time wandering the little shops full of gorgeous art and lunch was amazing at the No Name Saloon.  The little town centre was so pretty.

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That night was our farewell group dinner.  We boarded a bus and had no idea where we were headed! We arrived at Red Cliff Ranch!  It was gorgeous.  The Aspen trees shimmered like glitter in the afternoon sun, the “barn” was set up for dinner and the tables set out beautifully…


25 26

It was a little sad to read as it meant the Incentive Trip was at an end, but a little exciting to think about the prospect of next years trip already!


After dinner we walked out to find another breathtaking view:


And dessert!  Flaming donuts with Ice Cream and S’mores!  There is no way I’m posting photos of us eating s’mores.  Let’s just say I wasn’t able to work out how to eat those without getting marshmellow squished out everywhere!  (I actually bought a pack of Graham crackers home for our next camping trip – to practice!)

29 30 31

And as the sun went down into the evening we were treated to an amazing band and line dancing lessons!  It was so much fun to dance and sit by the fires, and mingle with everyone else.

32 33 34

The next morning was time to leave Utah.  Warren and I made our way to Los Angeles where we had three nights before heading back home to Australia.  Stampin’ Up! truly spoilt us and I felt so honoured to be able to visit the home of Stampin’ Up! and the gorgeous Utah.  What an amazing experience to cherish.

Would you like to join us on a Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trip?  Next years trip is another exciting location! – a 7 night Western Carribean cruise from Florida, USA!  And the year after is HAWAII!  Contact me now to find out how you can join Stampin’ Up! and join us on an amazing vacation!


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