Computer Issues…:(

Just letting you all know that my poor laptop is a little ill at the moment and is in the hospital on life support.  🙁

So without access to my emails and files I don’t have a current list of who’s ordered ribbon shares and RSVP’d to our coming fundraising event for the RSPCA Flood appeal (if you’d like to come along you can see more information HERE)

So if you have taken part or RSVP’d to either of these, can you please contact me HERE and let me know your postal address.  All the ribbons have been ordered and I should receive them this week so I can start separating them and hopefully have them into the mail to you by Friday. 

We are also finalising numbers for our fundraising day, so if you’d like to come along, it’ll be a fun day, LOTS of prizes as well! 

Hopefully should be back to full computer capacity by the end of the week.  And yes, I’ll learn to back everything up one day! 🙂

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