Last Incentive Trip Post.

Okay, so this could go on for days, but I’ll cut it all short and post a few final piccies from Incentive Trip so we can get back to cards and projects!

On the third morning at Hamilton Island we joined a group of Demonstrators on a Jet Boat ride over to Cats Eye beach for some more snorkling and then onto Whitehaven Beach to admire how gorgeous this beach is!  Apprently it’s been classed as the second best beach in Australia!



This was an awesome trip and a no one got sick on this ride! 🙂

We spent that afternoon and final day enjoying Hamilton Island, on the beach, sipping on a cocktail (or two or three) and wandering around the Island.  I have to say I am so keen to go back and take the kids!  I’ve visited many islands around North Qld, but the Whitsundays are something else!

Our final night saw us head to the hotel lobby for a mysterious activity!  We found waiting for us:

We were having a “Buggy Rally”!  We were put into groups and given pages of questions that we had to discover the answers to, all around the Island!  We were lucky to be teamed with Sue and John who were a lot of fun and we zipped around the Island to discover some goodies for us!  Another stamp set (that I can’t show you just yet) some ink, cardstock & bling!



Jayne and her hubby Gareth were hot on our heals on our way to dinner at the Hamilton Island Yaht Club!  The location was breathtaking!


And when we got to our tables we found a little surprise (or a teaser to entice us for the next Incentive Trip)


I sure hope I can make the next Incentive Trip to Fiji! 🙂

So after some amazing food, and drinks and talking way into the night we knew that IT was about over but we headed back to find the last pressie on our beds!  A funky bag to match the purse/clutch we had received.  It’s lined in the same gorgeous material too:  (not a good pic, as it was so hard to get the actual colour to come out)

 The next morning we said our good byes to the NZ and Southern Girls first and we were lucky to have a later flight so were able to enjoy a few extra hours before heading back to Brisbane…


Here’s Shelli (CEO and co founder of Stampin’ Up!) and her hubby Sterling, and Angie and KelliSue who were the US staff members responsible for organising our trip! 

So there it is, the much condensed last days of our trip.  If you are a demonstrator I highly recommend making Incentive Trip one of your goals.  No matter where it’s located, it always a most amazing experience and something definately working hard for!  If you aren’t a demonstrator, why not join Stampin’ Up!  Incentive Trip is just one of the many events and experiences that Stampin’ Up! offers!  Let me know as we’d love to have you in our team! 


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2 Responses to Last Incentive Trip Post.

  1. Karen C says:

    ENVIOUS – what an amazing place – and just as a reward (you did work hard and Warren is a great support with the kids) but that doesn’t stop the green eyed monster. It looks like the weather was in your favour as well. Congrats. Can’t wait to see these new stamp sets. Thanks for the posts.

  2. Makeesha Byl says:

    Looks like you had a well deserved wonderful time Kim! x