Convention Bag Tags 2010

Well today is the official first day of convention, where we all check in and receive our convention bags and goodies!  With hundreds of demonstrators with the SAME bag, I’ve made some “Bag Tags” for my first level team members!  These are a cute way of identifing your bag when they all look the same!  Some of them didn’t photograph so well, but here’s a few: (again you can click to make them bigger).

Here’s Chrissie’s (notice it matches her tin)

This one is Mandy’s:

And one for Susan:

And Alice:

I might post some others for you to see tomorrow… Check back later to see some of my swaps!


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3 Responses to Convention Bag Tags 2010

  1. Shawnnita says:

    Wow looks beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen C says:

    Awsome Kim! Keep these blogs up, just love looking at the creativity. KarenC

  3. leannec says:

    Wow Kim! Those bags will certainly stand out, they are cute as!