A little birdie.

Well my three child free days haven’t ended up as stamping days! 🙁  Mum and Dad bought a new “branch” of their business and the office was dumped with boxes and boxes of files…  So I’ve been hired! LOL  It was definately weird dropping off the kids at school and going to “work” and I must admit to thinking often “I could be at home stamping right now” during the day… So I’m glad the job’s just temporary, although at this stage there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight! 🙂  So today I finally got to stamp again.  With new stamps and accessories arriving next week I’m making an effort to use some of the supplies that I’ve been hoarding for a while…..  Today was Chipboard!  Birdie to be exact!  This one’s an easle card.




Colours: Pacific Point, Summer Sun, Chocolate Chip.  Paper: Good Morning Sunshine.  On Board So Tweet Chipboard.




Category: Cards

3 Responses to A little birdie.

  1. Mel Barwise says:

    yes i know the feeling of wanting the time to craft but finding the time is the problem. we have all these visions of what we are going to do while kids are @ school but it never seams to happen as planned LOL
    Great card!!

  2. Karen C says:

    Know the feeling of what I want to do and what I have to do work wise – it’s hard when the desk next to u is craft and the desk in front of you is filled with paper work that needs to be lodged and filed and just when a space appears and there seems to be hope to “play” the ph will ring with more wk and that is the end of that. Just love the card Kim. KarenC

  3. Love it. So cute. I’ve wondered what to do with that bird…you make it look so simple. x