Incentive Trip 2009

Just wanted to share one of the first little excitement pieces for our trip away.  Stampin’ Up! always make these trips special right down to the last detail.  So we checked in and came into our lovely room, over looking the gorgeous pool and out to the ocean, and on one of the tables was a lovely stem of Orchids!  I glanced at the bottle and though, “That logo looks farmiliar!”,


and upon closer inspection, I realised it was the Incentive Trip Logo!!!  (It’s a little hard to see in the pic, you can see it better if you click to make it bigger.)  How cute is that!  Little surprises like this adds a wonderful touch to the time we spend on these trips!!it2009b_kgavarra

Well I’m off to do some socialising now!  My hubby’s already taken up prime napping space on the couch! LOL

3 Responses to Incentive Trip 2009

  1. Naomi Swan says:

    Hi Kim,
    I knew someone would keep us updated. What a great week for the trip with the weather!!! Have so much fun. I am a little jealous but someone’s got to work. Cheers

  2. Kim – Have a FABULOUS time on the Incentive Trip. I’m going to love hearing about every little detail! Hope SU spoils you LOTS!

  3. Ruth says:

    OMG!! I hope you had a great time!! We’d all love to join you next year!