Carousel Notes Purse

Yes it’s been a while….again.  Thank you to anyone who hasn’t given up on me and still checks in! LOL  It’s been school holidays for the last two weeks and it’s been wonderful to be able to stay in bed a little longer since it’s winter and all!  We actually did very little these holidays and it’s been lovely.  We’ve got a wonderful bunch of kids who live on the street and so at any given time there’s many kids running in and out and I love seeing them altogether playing hide and seek, on their rip sticks or playing in the backyard.  On top of all this I decided to paint – the house!  Well it started with a couple of feature walls and resulted in all the walls needing to be painted to match!  And so with the holidays, much of the painting was done late at night! LOL  Anyway you’re not here to hear me babble! 

Here’s a carousel notes purse!  These have been around for a little while and I just love the concept, so made another with the current in colours, designer series papers and carousel notes.  Here are a few pics, you can click to make them bigger:

Firstly the front of the purse, which you then open:

carousel carousel1

Each side of the inside, with space left to add pics or journalling:

carousel2  carousel3

The middle section – notice the gorgeous Flower Fusion felt flowers.  And buttons that match too!  No, not matching thread, just a thin strip of cardstock through the middle of the buttons.

carousel4  carousel5

And finally, there are two hidden pull out sections that you can add more pics or journalling to!:


Now the details

Carousel Notes (12 cards in each pack in 2 colours incl envelopes) $23,95 (you need 3 per purse so you’ll get up to 4 purses per pack of carousel notes!)

Urban Garden Designer Series Paper (12 sheets 12×12) $16.95

Dreams du Jour stamp set (set of 4) $33,95.

And I used various other bits of ribbon, buttons, etc to embellish.

You can contact me if you’d like to order anything to make your own!  And if you’d like the instructions to make yours here they are by the great JanTink  HERE

3 Responses to Carousel Notes Purse

  1. Ooooo…pretty!
    Really will have to get round to making one of these soon!

  2. Karen C says:

    I reallly like this one and will be making time to try my skill. Thanks Kim!!

  3. Lynda says:

    Beautiful idea Kim and fantastically done. Will make a stunning gift!! BTW…good to see you back again.