Some convention pics… from day 1.

Well, we are safetly home, very tired but extreamly excited still!  What a fantastic convention Stampin’ Up! have put on for us again this year!  I’m sure every demonstrator who attended came home with exciting projects they can’t wait to share!  If you want to host a workshop, let me know! 🙂  Now to share a bit about our little convention experience!  We arrived in Canberra on Thursday morning.  We arrived in our apartment and my room buddies and I had the same idea, so as we unpacked our bags, we discovered that we had a great chocolate stash to work through over the weekend!



And after a great afternoon shopping and socialising, we had a fantastic evening catching up with old friends and new, over drinks at our hotel, dinner at Hogs Breath and finally desert at Koko Black, a fabulous chocolate shop!  Though I must say we should have gone there FIRST! LOL  Yummmmmm! 


Here’s Nardi who is a member of our team (she’s from Canberra), although she didn’t attend convention, she met us for drinks and dinner!  She’s so sweet and I’ve been dying to meet her in person!  I just wished I had a chance to spend more time with her!!! 


At Koko Black… Not sure how this happened but this photo makes me giggle at these girls! LOL

The next morning convention began!  All the preparation leading up to the day always builds the excitement, making swaps, organising the family so they survive while we’re away, and suddenly it’s here!  Many of us were at the convention centre already at 7am! LOL


Here’s me with two of my team members Mandy (from NSW) and Karen (from Mackay)!  Now I hadn’t met Mandy in person until the day before convention, but she’s been with our team for two years now!  And OMG I’m so so glad she’s in our team!  This girl is a hoot and I’m telling you know, I wanted to pack her in my suitcase and bring her back to QLD with us!  Let’s just say she’s nearly as crazy as me and some pics won’t be posted here! LOL 


Here’s another couple of my partners in crime! LOL  Alice, (me), Jenny and Chrissie!  They’re all from Brisbane and these girls are all so fantastic and I love them dearly!  I’m honored to have Jenny and Chrissie in my team also, they make every event, get together etc fun and memorable! LOL  Alice is a demonstrator, but not in my team, but she lives close by to me and is my friend and sounding board, and when we are away at these events, without her, I would get lost, run late, and miss my flight! LOL 


Oh and I have to include this pic too!  (hope you like it Michelle! LOL)  This is Martyn!  He’s another great member of my team and I can tell you, not only can he hold he’s own among a room full of women, but my goodness does he know how to stir them up! LOL  He lives in TAS with his wife Michelle, and I’m always thrilled to catch up with him!  Anyone want a workshop in Tasmania?  You are sure of a wonderful time!


And of course, it’s convention so we are there to learn too, not just socialise! LOL  Here’s the ever lovely Shelli – Co-founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up!  This woman is amazing, inspirational and has a heart of gold.  It’s always a pleasure to listen to her speak or watch her stamp!!

day1g And here’s the lovely Shannon, another member of Stampin’ Up!’s American “home office”.  This girl is just WOW in so many ways! 


Check out the lunch room!  Everyone having lunch!

And so here I will leave my post for now.  The first day of convention was fantastic!  And I’ll pop back in to tomorrow after a good night’s sleep to include some pics from day two.  Don’t forget to check out the fantastic specials Stampin’ Up! have for May!  Actually there are two specials so check them out HERE!


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5 Responses to Some convention pics… from day 1.

  1. Vanessa says:

    It looks fantastic. Sounds like great fun was had by all

  2. Karen C says:

    It would have been awsome to be there – we need more info Kim. Just one more thing – the chocs, are there any left or is there going to be a comp to see who can loose the kgs gained over the weekend first? Await the next posting

  3. alice says:

    Thank you Kim for allowing me to tag along, you and your girls are wonderful.
    And I can answer Karen C’s question. I brought home half a packet of M&M’s and that was all that was left. And the toll included the bottle of wine. But what a weekend! I hope you are going to share the trip home.

  4. Liz Weber says:

    Hi Kim, looks like you had a wonderful time at the convention! Loving all your cards here on your blog.

    I am still going through the catalogue and will send you my order soon – too many yummy goodies to decide on doh! lol… have a great week and chat soon.

  5. Hey Kim, I am so jealous, wish I could’ve come. Looks like you guys had a ball.
    Can you flick me an email with your current mailing address, as I sent you a card at Easter and received it back in my mail bag this week, says not at this address!!!!!!!
    Wouldn’t you know it, I’m the slackest mailer around and when I do finally send something I get it back again. LOL