Enjoy Tutorial…finally

Sorry for the wait!  Here are the measurements for the previous chocolate folder!  The great thing about this also is that it only take 1 piece of cardstock with some extra for decoration!

1.  From an A4 piece of cardstock, along the long side, cut at 15cm and then score this piece at 10.5cm.  This is your card base.  Take the other piece and cut to 20.5cm x 14.5cm.  Score along 20.5cm side at 1.5cm, 2.8cm, 17.7cm & 19cm.  Then along shorter (14.5cm) side score at 5cm & 6.3cm.  You will get two pieces like in this pic (though you can’t see the score lines very well)

2.  Put the card base aside, now you’ll be working with the other piece.  With scissors, cut the the bottom two corner sections out: 

3.  Add tape and stick box together, cut out the top part of the sides..

4.  Look on the side of the box, cut the top part on a small angle:

Now you can stick this to the card base!  First put the ribbon between the two:

Now you can decorate your chocolates and folder!  I punched holes with the slot punch to thread through the ribbon to keep the folder closed:  The Chocolates were wrapped in paper measuring 7.5cm x 6.5cm.


Well I hope that all makes sense and you have fun making your own!  Remember to buy an extra pack of Chocolates to eat practice on!!

5 Responses to Enjoy Tutorial…finally

  1. Karen Thomas says:

    Thanks Kim – really appreciate the tutorial!


  2. Ooohh You’re a GEM!! Guess what I am doing tomorrow!!! haha



  3. Makeesha Byl says:

    OH Kim these are adorable! I have never seen those chocolates…..imagine that, a chocolate I haven’t tried! LOL! Fabulous tutorial, and I may have to give that one a go! Well done!
    Love Keesh x

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  5. wylene says:

    love love love this…..i want to make them for thank you gifts….thank you so much for the tutorial…..but do you have it in inches ?