Chocolate Box measurements

Now I must start by saying that the Chocolates I used in the late post weren’t Lindt!  They’re Guylian!  Sorry!  I should remember as Guylian shells are my FAVOURITE chocolates EVER! LOL

Anyhoo…I have had a few people ask for the instructions/dimensions of the box so here they are..  Forgive the pics, it’s very dark here this afternoon…

Cut your piece of Real Red card stock to 11.5cm x 14cm.  Score at 4cm on each side.

Cut in  along score lines on two sides and trim flap, this is where you’ll put tape so now you can stick the box together.

Take a piece of Old Olive cardstock 17.6cm x 6.3cm and score at 4.1cm, 7.8cm,  11.9 & 15.6cm.  Fold and stick together with tape on the 2cm wide end.

The red box base will now slide into the Olive sleeve.

  You can decorate it how you wish, I took a piece of Dashing paper (5cm x 16.6cm) and wrapped it around the olive sleeve, and stuck it down, then added a scallop punch and image from the Season of Joy set. 

Here’s a pic with the Chocolates I used.  Again, the choccies are just wrapped in Dashing paper and the box fits 10!   It’s only  little box but it’s cute for the Christmas table or something like that!

One Response to Chocolate Box measurements

  1. Chrissie says:

    That is tooooooo cute… I’ve even made one! Now off to the shops to get some chocolate!