I think I forgot to mention that the fishing trip that my hubby was cancelled on Friday due to bad weather, so we thought we’d head out to Green Island as the weather was supposed to be better on Saturday!!! Yeah right! We were told it was going to be about 22 knots, but when we got out there it was 35 knots! Holy Cow! Now I’m not one to get sea sick, so I quite enjoyed the trip, my hubby even survived it, but many people weren’t so lucky and although I won’t name names, there were a few on board who didn’t keep their breakfasts! Although it wasn’t the best day to be snorkelling, we had fun. Here’s my hubby looking over where we were able to snorkel…

 and it was quickly time to head back to Cairns and we stuck to the back of the boat again!


A bit choppy wasn’t it! LOL  That’s Green Island in the distance….

I also forgot to mention that Stampin’ Up! had set up a cool Prize wheel for us! We got a ticket to spin it each day with the hope of winning a little pressie!! Here’s me spinning on Sat afternoon!

And thanks Robyn – a pic of me winning a pack of Rhinestone Brads from Krista who was one of the awesome US SU staffers who helped organised the trip! LOL

So after a rest back in the room after such a day of excitement, we all met up by the pool for a piccy in our bath robes that were our presents…..

And most Demonstrators will know who this is, that jumped in for a photo!! It’s Aaron, our Australian Business Development Manager!!!

I think I’ll end this very long post here for now, and come back a bit later with more photos and to tell you about Dinner on Sat night!

2 Responses to Saturday…..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice Kimmy wish I had one of those bath robes!

  2. Susan says:

    25 knots????!!!?? You wouldn’t catch me going out in winds like that!! But I guess you had a bigger boat than our little 5m one!BR/BR/They sure did spoil you all – how lovely!