a href=”http://bp0.blogger.com/_-1WdnsEVMxk/RxR_N-F_juI/AAAAAAAAAAs/spDN3IqWYn8/s1600-h/bella3.jpg”img style=”float:left; margin:0 10px 10px 0;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;” src=”http://bp0.blogger.com/_-1WdnsEVMxk/RxR_N-F_juI/AAAAAAAAAAs/spDN3IqWYn8/s320/bella3.jpg” border=”0″ alt=””id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5121858554210258658″ //abr /Okay, so I’m trying to be a better blogger! LOL Had a huge weekend. One of my downlines, Karen, came to visit from Mackay. So we had to show her a good time! Took her to Ikea straight from the airport, then stamped Friday night. Sat we did the rounds of my local scrap shops before my workshop Sat afternoon, then we both stayed at my best friend’s house for a night of stamping and Champagne!!! I found Bella’s at my fav stamping shop!!!! So that’s what I played with Sat night! (I know I committed stamping adultry)


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  1. KristyJane says:

    Kim, Great to see you back in blog mode. Must admit, when I first contacted you and you sent me onto your blog site……..well I have to say I thought I’d gone to the wrong site as it hadn’t been touched for awhile…..LOL I know we are all so busy. So good to see. Bella, I know what you mean! I don’t own any, but she always looks so smart and I would say addictave. Love the colours of the card. The centre of the flower looks great. Regards,BR/Kristy

  2. Amy says:

    Hahaha Kim you did commit something bad but don’t worry… just quietly… I have done the same lately! I am going to order some bella’s too soon… they are just so cute!

  3. Sonya R says:

    Love those Bella stamps. BR/Wanna do a swap Kim? I have about 7 different one’s.

  4. Anna says:

    Very cute! I love those flowers!

  5. Shell74 says:

    That’s my girl Bella!! Know you bought that one just for me! Can’t wait till you make and send me my Bella card! haha!! Love your work! Wish I was working with you – hmmm…..cardmaking or drinking Bella’s champagnes with you….tough choice!!